Since our inception, Epsilon A.S. has been totally
focused on building a strategic, acquisition consultancy.

Epsilon Acquisition Services LLC is a boutique, Washington D.C. based mergers and acquisitions advisory firm. Our firm operates internationally and boasts active clients on every inhabited continent.


The firm provides specialty investment banking and advisory services as they pertain to both the acquisition and divestiture of early-stage and middle-market companies and assets.


On the sell side, we help investors recoup sunk capital costs and equity groups boost portfolio returns by handling the marketing, valuation, and sale of assets both operational, revenue-generating, and dormant, underlying technologies.

On the buy-side, Epsilon provides compressive services including world-class geopolitical and market research, target identification, sourcing, diligence, and negotiation services.

Experts in the field, our team has a comprehensive understanding of the complexities of international mergers and acquisitions. Epsilon provides the expertise you need and the service you demand. ​