International Advisory Services

Local introductions, comprehensive diligence and advisory services, and fundraising solutions.

Epsilon Acquisition Services LLC is a boutique M&A advisory firm headquartered just outside of Washington, D.C. We operate internationally and specialize in the acquisition and divestiture of businesses, business assets, and technologies.


We help executives plan, principals and companies grow, early investors recoup capital, and equity groups boost portfolio returns. 

We work with our clients to achieve the maximum possible return on their investment in us. Our firm specializes in complex financial and cross border transactions and we pride ourselves on our ability to utilize a relationship but milestone driven approach to strategic consulting, while maintaining the highest levels of confidentiality.

If you are an executive or principal and are interested in learning more about how Epsilon's strategic advisory group can help your business grow, please reach out via the contact form below.

Our services include:

Strategic Advisory

Epsilon’s strategic advisory group provides high level expert consulting services to principals, equity groups, executives, and corporate development teams. The firm specializes in opportunityand corporate analysis, corporate development planning andstrategy, carve out and spin-off consulting, and capital advisory. The strategic advisory team strives to analyze and prepare stakeholdersfor inorganic growth via acquisition or partnership and /or liquidity events.

Diligence Services

Epsilon’s diligence group provides potential acquirers and investorswith a comprehensive service offering including financial, legal, organizational, industry, and geopolitical diligence services. Verification services and written opinions are provided on eachtransaction.

Acquisition Planning

Epsilon’s acquisition planning group assists stakeholders in creating the strategy and roadmap, and handle the technical planning associated with an acquisition, joint venture, or merger. This includessector and market identification, supporting research, tax strategy, financial modeling and stress testing, capital advisory, and synergy identification.


The firm’s research term specializes in geopolitical and macroeconomic research that uncovers opportunities and identifies hidden risks. The group analyzes global complexities and digests thegeopolitical landscape, including elections and leadership questions, regional monetary polices, pending and active trade agreements, outside foreign investment, and local customs, all of which can both impact deals and reveal investment opportunities.

Deal Sourcing

Epsilon’s proprietary deal sourcing network generates investment and acquisition opportunities from around the globe, sourcing on average, more than 115 unique and off market deals every single month. These opportunities are unique to Epsilon and are not available or known anywhere else. Prospective deals include acquisitions, investments, joint ventures, and public private partnership (PPP) / infrastructure opportunities.

Capital and Event Advisory

Epsilon’s capital and event advisory team assists in guiding a specificdeal to closing. The team handles a variety of events including, but not limited to, mergers and acquisitions, divestitures and carve outs, joint ventures, and capital raises and restructurings. Associated services include memorandum and teaser creation, capital stack structuring and planning, and investor, partner, acquirer, or buyeridentification, introduction, pitching, and negotiation.


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