Global Acquisition Services

International expertise, experience, and efficiency.

Today's corporate development landscape is ever changing. Epsilon's M&A planning and outsourced corporate development practice allows small and medium sized enterprises to scale and grow via acquisitions globally. Our buyer services group provides corporates, firms, and funds from around the world with a variety of services, including ​deal sourcing, diligence, and advisory. Services include:

  • Deal Sourcing

  • Market and Geopolitical Research

  • Financial Diligence 

  • Financial Modeling and Stress Testing

  • Legal Diligence

  • Organizational Diligence 

  • Deal Structuring

  • Negotiation 

  • Integration Planning

  • Market and Geopolitical Research


Epsilon Acquisition Services LLC is a boutique, Washington D.C. based mergers and acquisitions advisory firm. Our firm specializes in cross border M&A and boasts active clients on every inhabited continent. The firm provides both buy and sell side services including deal sourcing, research, and diligence on the buy side as well as brokerage and advisory services on the sell side of transactions.​​

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