Global Distribution Services

Expertise, accessibility, global reach.

Epsilon is a Washington, D.C. based investment bank, operating internationally and specializing in cross border distribution, capital markets, and M&A. The firm couples traditional relationships with proprietary technology to help non-U.S. small and mid cap public companies access institutional shareholders both in the U.S. and other global financial centers.

Our firm actively represents clients on 6 of 7 continents and helps CxOs, investor relations teams (and firms), and finance departments increase their trading volume, liquidity, and market capitalization by reporting on their business and introducing them to U.S. institutional investors.

  • Distribution network publishing to more than 1,000 money managers

  • Access U.S. institutional investors representing ~$6T worth of buying power

  • Consistent stock publication by U.S. based analysts and distribution via Epsilon's ~50 person sales team

  • Increase market capitalization, trading volume, and liquidity

  • Attract U.S. (and global) foundational, institutional shareholders

  • Fixed, affordable pricing


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DISCLAIMER: Epsilon Capital LLC does not provide research services nor make predictions on share price, to include (but not limited to) buy / sell / hold ratings. Epsilon Capital LLC does not make introductions to or provide information to retail investors on clients' behalf. Research and distribution stats and team numbers are supported by or my represent or include third party partners