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Highlight undiscovered opportunities with global reach.

For institutions and asset managers investing in or focusing on frontier and emerging market opportunities, Epsilon's proprietary algorithmic research technology provides qualified trading ideas, including detailed parameters, trade indicators, confidence and risk reward metrics in volatile emerging markets. Our AI-powered trade analytics indicate when to take long or short positions, and when to pull out from the target market completely.

  • Free demo and trial period available

  • Back performance tested results: 75%+ over previous 18 months

  • Confidence and risk reward metrics on each trade

  • Technical, algorithmic analysis of more than 38 indices and 100,000 equities

  • Fundamental research on all daily trade suggestions

  • Access to all active trades​ with enter and exit numbers

  • Weekly perfjoamcne reports

  • Global coverage, trading opportunities identified in emerging and frontier markets

  • Signals delivered daily (M-F) via e-mail or text message

  • Weekly calls with lead quantitate analyst 

  • Technical analysis powered by AI

  • Algorithm created in-house by Epsilon's quantitative analysis and data science team

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