Epsilon Research Report March 25, 2020

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Elections and leadership, monetary policies, trade agreements and more. All impact deals. Some reveal opportunities.

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About Epsilon

Complicated large, and cross border transactions of all sizes, involve additional complexities and geopolitical factors, including elections and leadership questions, regional monetary polices, pending and active trade agreements, outside foreign investment, and local customs, all of which can both impact deals and reveal investment opportunities. 


Our team of experienced geopolitical analysts provide both distributed and custom research solutions with a focus on global private equity and M&A opportunities and transactions. We provide insights into industries and geographies to highlight acquisition or investment opportunities based on the factors outlined above. Our research services provide strategic corporate buyers, funds, and family offices with the tools needed identify both opportunity and risk, outside the bounds of traditional inputs. 


Epsilon Acquisition Services LLC is a boutique, Washington D.C. based mergers and acquisitions advisory firm. Our firm specializes in cross border M&A and boasts active clients on every inhabited continent. The firm provides both buy and sell side services including deal sourcing, research, and diligence on the buy side as well as brokerage and advisory services on the sell side of transactions.