Epsilon A.S. Broker Referral Program

Earn up to $1,500 per buyer referral!

For many buyers, the business acquisition process can be daunting. At Epsilon A.S., we work with potential acquirers as they seek to purchase a new business or business asset. 

Experts in the field, our team has a comprehensive understanding of  the business acquisition process. Founded by business owners our firm provides the expertise you need and the service you demand.​

At Epsilon A.S., we work with clients to identify their needs, vet and qualify potential sellers for viability, assist in due diligence activities, and can even assist in the negotiation, financing, and transition process!

For many business brokers, inexperienced buyers can drastically slow the business acquisition, delaying or even preventing, both closings and commissions.

At Epsilon A.S., we work with your buyers, either before or immediately after the LOI is issued, to assist them in due diligence, help them arrange financing, and complete the deal.

Now, you can feel confident, that buyers will be properly represented, complete due diligence, and have better access to financing.

We offer established brokers, with at least 5 active listings:

Monthly advertising arrangements, plus commission! We pay you up to $500 per month, plus a commission on each new buy-side client we retain! Commissions up to $1,500 per client we retain!

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